Trevor Watts Pressure Cleaning Services

Patio Cleaning

Patio, Path & Driveway Cleaning

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Over time moss, weeds and algae can build up on the patio, sometimes colours can be totally hidden under dirt. A clean, weed free patio can really brighten up your garden.

Driveways & Paths

Cleaning your driveway can dramatically change the look of your property. If you are thinking of selling your home it gives a very good first impression to any buyer. Paths around the house and garden will also benefit greatly from cleaning, Keeping them clear, tidy and safe. We are also able to clean tarmac and concrete, for information on brick weaves and block paving please click HERE.


Applying a good quality sealer can enhance the natural colours in your driveway or patio. It also minimises moss and weed growth, the sealer can be gloss silk or matt finish.

Trevor Watts Pressure Cleaning Services
18 Abbey Road
Horsham, St Faith
Norwich, NR10 3JN

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